11th World Jamboree 1963 in Marathon, 1-11 August 1963, Greece

1-11 August 1963 - On the plain of Marathon, where the famous defensive battle of the Athenians against the Persians is said to have taken place in 490 BC, a peaceful tent city was erected in 1963 for 14,000 Scouts from 89 countries to experience the 8th World Jamboree.

The memory of this battle was always present everywhere. Even the Jamboree emblem was based on an ancient Greek shield. For the opening of the Jamboree, even the legendary "marathon" run to Athens was repeated, but as an international scout relay race. The Jamboree programme also included a competition, with stations symbolically commemorating the six heroic deeds of Heracles. Near the town of Marathon, there is a tumulus (mound) where the 192 Athenians who died in the Battle of Marathon are said to be buried.

The Chief Scout of Greece, Crown Prince Constantine, was present at the camp on each of the 11th Jamboree days. He was honoured to receive the Silver Wolf - the highest British award for Scouting - from Sir Charles Maclean, Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth.

On a sadder note, it was announced that the plane carrying 24 Scouts - the entire Philippine contingent - on its way to the Jamboree crashed into the Indian Ocean on approach to Bombay Airport, killing all the occupants. All flags were flown at half-mast.

Even in 1981, a postmark in the Philippines commemorates this disaster.

Report from a German participant:
"11 August: The camp comes to an end. In the evening, all participants gather for the last time in the amphitheatre. Finally, greeted by loud cheers from the 14,000, Crown Prince Constantine arrives, at his side the widow of the founder of the World Scout Movement, Olave Lady Baden-Powell. The Prince speaks to us: "We pledge to fight all our lives against all prejudices, be they racial or religious. With, this assurance in our hearts let us depart from here!" Lady Baden-Powell echoed his words, "Carry the torch -of Scouting within you!" To the strains of the farewell song, we leave the arena arm in arm."

Official first day cover of the Jamboree special stamps, including a value "1 d" showing a painting by Baden-Powell: "Ancient ruins in front of the Athenian Acropolis".

Jamboree sympathy issues appeared again in several countries
DUBAI, half a year later, with wrong indication: ATHENS instead of MARATHON as the
venue. 10 values at once (five standard franking and five airmail values)

Two triangular stamps from Nigeria: First day was 1 August 1963.

The four identical "Jamboree" stamps from the Maldives, which were also issued late on 7 December 1963, gave great pleasure, especially as a beautiful miniature sheet.