1951 - 7th World Jamboree - Bad Ischl, Austria

Weltjamboree 1951In 1951 the 7th World Jamboree took place in Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut/Austria. There were many obstacles because the country was divided into occupation zones by the Americans, British, Russians and French. Since only limited means were available the Jamboree was called "Jamboree of Simplicity". Never the less, about 800 employees ensured the smooth running of the Jamboree, which united 12'884 scouts from 41 nations. A German contingent of scouts and guides was greeted for the first time on a Jamboree. After the Jamboree area was soaked with heavy rain, big international mud races became a daily attraction and the good mood did not diminish, the Jamboree was renamed "Schlammboree" for the sake of simplicity.