1971 - 13th World Jamboree - Asagiri Heights, Fujinomiya, Japan

Weltjamboree 197112'011 Scouts from 87 nations took part in the World Jamboree. What started in August with beautiful humid and hot weather, was surprised after a few days by a solid typhoon and ended in a happy dry spell. It was the 13th World Jamboree on Asagiri Heights at the foot of Mount Fujiyama in Japan (150 km west of Tokyo). After most of the sub-camps were flooded, 16'000 scouts had to be evacuated for 48 hours - to schools, monasteries, gyms...

The rebuilding of the Jamboree - then again in glorious sunshine and heat - was joyful, exuberant and natural! The huge fireworks display at the end remains unforgotten: Asian - colourful - loud.