30th European Scout & Guide Collectors Meeting 2022 in Leuven (B)

On Saturday, 05 November 2022, the 30th "European Scout & Guide Collectors Meeting (short ESGCM) took place in Leuven (B). In the "Gemeenschapscentrum De Bosstraat, Bosstraat 28, 3012 Wilsele", 120 collectors from all European countries - even from America and Asia - offered their scout rarities.

A big exchange with Scout badges, all kinds of items from World Jamborees and Rover Moots, collectors of bookplates, postcards, books, magazines, Scout memorabilia collectors etc. - where both beginners and specialised collectors were sure to find their luck...! On Saturday at noon, the WSGCM NCP meeting took place in the adjoining rooms. Many mainly Belgian Scouts & Guides visited this event on Saturday afternoon.

The "European Scout & Guide Collectors Meeting" is a very good opportunity to see Scouting memorabilia, to learn more about Scouting history and collectors from all over the world, to meet collectors from other countries, to buy and trade Scouting items and other collectibles. The first European Scout Collectors' Meeting (ESCM) was also held in Leuven, in 1992. Since then, an ESGCM has been celebrated every year in Leuven (except in 2002, when the event was held in Ghent (B)). In 2007 the name changed to "European Scouts and Guides Collectors Meeting" (ESGCM).

Scouts & Gidsen Museum - LeuvenOn Friday evening, 4 November 2022, the Scouts & Gidsen Museum in Leuven (Belgium) was open for visitors. The newly designed and really worth seeing scout museum is located in a venerable building (abbey) in the centre of Leuven and shows the whole scout history, informatively prepared for young and old - also for people not interested in scouting !

Address of the Scout Museum
Kapel van de voormalige Sint-Geertruiabdij, Sint-Geertruiabdij 5, 3000 Leuven


30. Europäisches Pfadfinder & Pfadfinderinnen Sammler Treffen 2022, Leuven (B)


Photo: Bertwin Lussenburg


Video - 26ème "European Scout & Guide Collectors Meeting in Leuven (B)

Published on 10.11.2017 on YouToube: The 26ème "European Scout & Guide Collectors Meeting took place in Leuven (B).