BuLa Story - 6th Swiss Scout National Camp, Domleschg, 1966

27th July – 3rd August 1966, approximatively 15 000 participants

The BuLa Express, a colourfully painted special train of the Rhaetian Railway, connected all sub-camps between Ems and Thusis several times a day as a special attraction. Each of the twelve sub-camp post offices used its own box postmark as an additional postmark with the permission of the post office.

This federal camp, organised by the cantonal associations of Zurich and Graubünden, had the largest spatial expansion to date. The Domleschg from Tamins to Sils, with the young Rhine flowing through it, provided space for twelve subcamps, each with 1000 to 1400 scouts.The total number of participants was 15 000. For the scouts, this landscape was a stroke of luck: everyone found shelter in the meadows and forests. Apart from a few tents and flags and a few scouts on the move, a car driver rushing south through Domleschg did not notice anything. The sixth national camp was called the camp of the scout tribe. The individual sub-camps had been taken over by various cantonal associations – a method that was used again in 1980. And these cantonal associations also designed their camps and their programme from their customs and their self-image. This programme, however, was merely an offer to the camp tribes – an offer that they could accept, but which should in no way stand in the way of their own intentions and ideas.

Ils Capricorns - the camp newspaper at the SPB-BuLa 1966 (Domleschg)

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