BuLa Story - 2nd Swiss Scout Camp, Geneva, 1932

27th July – 5th August 1932, approximatively 4213 participants

Bi-Pi arrives from England for the visit. In honour of the Scout founder, all camp participants parade past him.

"They came from everywhere, the Swiss Scouts, by train and car, by boat and bicycle, on foot and even by plane." Every day brought an increase until the maximum number of 4213 participants was reached. The Swiss banner fluttered high above the tent city as the Second Federal Camp was opened in the presence of the Federal Field Master, Dr Walther v. Bonstetten, and the cantonal and municipal authorities. The camp leadership was presided over by the later Chief Scout Switzerland Louis Blondel, who was assisted by Jean Salvaj (President of the Swiss Scout Movement from 1964–1965 †) as adjutant.

As a time signal, a mighty "bang" was let off every morning at the lookout tower. The scouts then met for a short church service. The Swiss flag was raised alternately by scouts from different cantons. As soon as the flag was flying on the main pole, the raising of the cantonal banners and the foreign flags followed.

And then a memorable day: on 4th August, the national camp welcomed Chief Scout Lord Baden-Powell. Hearts beat faster as the aged leader strode through the ranks of the Swiss Scouts.

1932 Bundeslager Genf - Offizielle Postkarte