BuLa Story - 4th Swiss Scout Camp, Trevano-Lugano, 1948

26th July – 4th August 1948, approx. 10 000 participants

10 000 scouts take part under the motto "Scout Youth – Happy Youth". For many boys, this is their first trip on the Gotthard Railway.

After the Second World War was over, the Scouts of the World met in Moisson in 1947 for their "Jamboree de la Paix" and one year later our comrades from the sunny corner of Switzerland invited to the fourth
national camp. Around 10 000 scouts accepted this invitation.
The cantonal delegations were accommodated in four sub-camps. Two further sub-camps were designated for the Wolf Leaders and for the Rovers.

In addition to the usual activities at federal camps at that time, such as an ensign race for all ensigns in Switzerland and sporting competitions, a model flying competition and an invitation to the children of the region to visit the federal camp were particularly noteworthy. More important, however, was the spirit that prevailed among the participants. A spirit that Arthur Thalmann summed up with the slogan "Scout youth – happy youth".