BuLa Story - Gotthard Camp of the Swiss Girl Scouts Association, Gotthard region, 1949

18th July – 6th August 1949, about 2000 participants

During the camp, the "Federation of Swiss Girl Scouts" celebrated its 30th anniversary. The guests of honour, Federal Councillor Etter and Lady Baden-Powell, visit the camp.

For the 30th anniversary of the Swiss Girl Scout Association, the participants camped at 47 locations around the Gotthard. In order to allow as many people as possible to participate, the camp was held in two stages. In each case, a joint jubilee celebration took place at the camp centre in Ulrichen (VS). At the first stage, Federal Councillor Ph. Etter gave a speech and Lady Baden-Powell took part in the second stage.

In 1949, to commemorate the founding of the association 30 years ago, almost all the groups camped in the Gotthard valleys and met to celebrate the day in Ulrichen in the Upper Valais. Guests from ten countries were present. Visits and invitations to each other as well as work in the working groups contributed greatly to mutual contact and understanding.