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EuroScout 2016 and WCM 2016 in Wien

From the 26th to the 29th May, it was held in Vienna (Austria) the 11th EuroScout 2016. Simultaneously was celebrated the 35th World Scout Collectors Meeting. These biennial exhibitions held since 1996 and bring together experts scout philatelists. In this edition, despite the coincidence of dates with the FIP Exhibition of New York, we had the presence of exhibitors and attendees from 17 European countries, and the United States. The exhibition consisted of eighty-two collections, covering the most varied and interesting Scout topics. The quality of the collections was quite high, with rare and diffi cult to see items.

11. EuroScout 2016 und 35. World Collectors Meeting in Wien (A)

Two Young scouts girls carried a a bag of letters in a wheelbarrow through the streets to
the post table located in the exhibition

Although most of the exhibition is non-competitive, there is a comprtitive part with special rules, which can be summarized as follows: new collections, not new but never exhibited before collections and exhibits with all kinds of material (open philately). These opt to the Walter Grob Prize, established by his family in memory of the renowned Swiss collector. In this edition, the winner has been the Austrian collector Hubert Schnab for his collection "Something interesting Scout postage with ingredients." Among the various acts of the EuroScout 2016, it took place the biennial conference of the International Federation of Scout & Guides Stamp Collecting Organizations, IFSCO, of which the Philatelic Club of Scouts and Guides is a founding member. In addition to procedural matters, it was decided to vote and approve the new constitution that replaces the old agreement. It was submitted and approved the candidacy of Évora (Portugal) as the venue for the next EuroScout 2018.

11. EuroScout 2016 und 35. World Collectors Meeting in Wien (A)

Most exhibits were non-competitve, but plenty of interest for the Scout's collectors

11. EuroScout 2016 und 35. World Collectors Meeting in Wien (A)

Numerous tables of exchanging scouts collectibles. Right, the Scout Atnon Tettinek, former
President of the Verband Österreichischer Philatelisten-Vereine, the Austrian Federation of Philately.

Finally, it were elected the candidacies for the renewal of the Committee for the next two years. Was unanimously approved. Its composition is as follows: President Vitor Gonçalves, Portugal, CPCOE; Vice President: Estanislao Pan de Alfaro and Secretary Julian Rodriguez Fernandez, both of Spain CFSG.

11. EuroScout 2016 und 35. World Collectors Meeting in Wien (A)

Left, Hubert Schnabl receiving the Walter Grob Prize. Right, the new elected Committee:
Estanislao Pan de Alfaro, Vice-president; Vitor Gonçalves, President and the Secretary, Julian Rodriguez Fernandez

An attractive program especially for monitoring was offered. Guided city tours, as well as a great gala dinner and a visit to a Viennese wine tavern, away from tourist routes was much enjoyed. On Saturday afternoon, in small groups, the Direction of the Pfadfi ndermuseum und Institut für Pfadfi ndergeschichte accompanied us in our memorable visit. There was also big activity at the many exchange tables. The Scout family had his great party in Vienna!

Sonderumschlag 11. EuroScout 2016, Wien

Video - 11th EuroScout 2016 and
35th World Collectors Meeting in Vienna (A)

Published on 02.10.2017 on YouToube:
The 11th EuroScout and the 35th World Collectors Meeting (WCM) 2016 took place in Vienna (Austria).

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