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History of the world Jamboree‘ s

Since 1920, scouts from all over the world have met for their "peaceful meeting of all tribes". Here is a short explanation of what a jamboree is and an overview of all the jamborees since 1920.

What does Jamboree mean?

The word "Jamboree" is said to come from the Indian language and literally means "peaceful meeting of all tribes". Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouts, wanted to gather scouts from all over England for the "first jamboree" in the summer of 1920. To his surprise, scouts from many European and even overseas countries accepted this invitation.

Since then, a jamboree has been held every 4 years (1995 Holland, 1999 Chile, 2003 Thailand, 2007 England, 2015 Japan). It is organised on behalf of WOSM - the World Organization of the Scout Movement. At the World Scout Jamboree, tens of thousands of scouts from all over the world meet at a camp where they spend 12 days together on adventures, collect unforgettable experiences and cultivate international friendship.

All Jamborees since 1920

1920: England, London

Weltjamboree 1920About 8,000 scouts from 34 countries took part in the 1st Jamboree. In the Olympic Hall there were games, competitions and exhibitions. The impact on the public was enormous - the press reported all over the world. The scouts had their big meeting, their Olympics! There were inquiries, suggestions, demands. The international office was forced to move - the scouts wanted a new jamboree.

Weltjamboree 19241924: Denmark, Copenhagen

Then in 1924, in Ermelunden near Copenhagen in Denmark, the 2nd Jamboree was organized. Almost 5,000 scouts from 34 nations took part. Afterwards there was a week of hospitality in Danish families for all foreign participants.

Weltjamboree 19291929: England, Birkenhead

At the 3rd Jamboree in the Arrowe-Park of Birkenhead/Liverpool in England 69 countries were represented by about 50,000 scouts.
There must have been a lot of rain, because even today we are still talking about the 1929 mud jamboree.

Weltjamboree 19331933: Hungary, Gödöllö

In 1933 the 4th Jamboree took place in the park of Gödöllö in Budapest/Hungary. 25,000 scouts from 34 nations took part and enjoyed the most beautiful weather.
The participants like to remember Baden-Powell, who made his rounds at the campground on a magnificent horse.
For the first time there were Jamboree special stamps. The legendary White Deer of the Magyars was the Jamboree sign.

Weltjamboree 19371937: Netherlands, Vogelenzang

The 5th Jamboree was carried out in Vogelenzang/Bloemendaal in Holland under the sign of the Jakobsstab 1937.
29,000 scouts from 54 nations were present when Robert Baden-Powell last greeted the scouts of the world. His farewell words were:"The time has come for me to say goodbye. I want you to live a happy life. You know that many of us in this world never meet again..."

World War II prevented all international activities of the World Scout Movement.

Weltjamboree 19471947: France, Moisson

After the horrors of World War II, it was quickly agreed that the next Jamboree would take place in 1947. 25,000 scouts from more than 70 countries met for the 6th Jamboree, the "Jamboree of Peace", in Moisson near Paris/France.
Friends and former "enemies" were looking for a new beginning. The example of their brotherly camp community was then a signal of youth for the longed-for peace in the world.

Weltjamboree 19511951: Austria, Bad Ischl

In 1951 the 7th Jamboree took place in Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut/Austria. Around 800 employees ensured the smooth running of the Jamborees, which brought together 13,000 scouts from all over the world.
After the Jambore terrain was completely softened by heavy rainfall, big international mud races became a daily attraction and the good mood nevertheless did not diminish, the Jamboree was renamed to "Schlammboree" for simplicity's sake.

Weltjamboree 19551955: Canada, Niagara

The 8th Jamboree was performed in 1955 in Niagara-On-The-Lake in Canada - it was the first Jamboree outside Europe!
11,500 scouts from 71 nations were present; noteworthy were the partly large contingents that crossed the Atlantic.

Weltjamboree 19571957: England, Sutton Park

1957, the 50th anniversary year of the scout movement, saw a huge event: more than 30,000 scouts from 82 countries came to the 9th Jamboree, which took place together with an international camp (INDABA) and the World Rovermoot in Sutton Park near Birmingham. One night, a rainstorm transformed the beautiful Jamboree into a river and lake landscape.

Weltjamboree 19591959: Philippines, Mount Makiling

In the summer of 1959, about 12,500 scouts from 44 nations came to the Makiling Park in the Philippines for the 10th Jamboree. 11 Jamboree 1963 The participation of Europeans was relatively low.

Weltjamboree 19631963: Greece, Marathon

In 1963,14,000 scouts from 88 countries gathered for the 11th Jamboree on the historic battlefield of Marathon in Greece.
Heat and dust were the external characteristics of this great warehouse under the motto "Higher and Wider".

Weltjamboree 19671967: USA, Idaho

For the 12th Jamboree, 12,000 participants from 105 nations gathered at Farragut State Park in Idaho, USA.
Besides Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, there was also a visit from Hubert H. Humphrey, Vice President of the United States.
Indians, rodeos, a space capsule including an astronaut and a gigantic show up to the end recall the Jamboree, which stood under the motto "For Friendship".

Weltjamboree 19711971: Japan, Asagiri Heights

What began in August 1971 with wonderful hot and humid weather, was surprised after a few days by a solid typhoon and ended in a cheerful drying phase. It was the 13th Jamboree on the Asagiri Heights at the foot of Fujiyama in Japan.

After most of the subcamps were flooded, 16,000 scouts had to be evacuated for 48 hours - in schools, monasteries, gymnasiums.... The rebuilding of the Jamborees - then again with wonderful sunshine and heat - was cheerful, boisterous and natural!
Unforgotten remains the huge fireworks at the end: Asian - coloured - loud!

Weltjamboree 19751975: Norway, Lillehammer

At Lake Mjosa near Lillehammer in Norway, 17,500 scouts from 91 nations met in 1975 for the 14th Jamboree, and the five Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland offered an exemplary example of programme fantasy and hospitality under the motto "Five fingers - one hand". Hot, dry, tiring - but beautiful!

Weltjamboree 19791979: World jamboree year

Political events of great importance prevented the 15th Jamboree 1979 from taking place near Neishabur near Mashad in Iran. The scouts of Iran had done their best to prepare the jamboree.
Instead, this year the World Office has declared the "World Jamboree Year" with a large number of large national camps.

Weltjamboree 19831983: Canada, Calgary

13,553 scouts from 97 nations met for the 15th Jamboree near Calgary in Canada. For environmental reasons, no open fire was used, but this did not detract from its attractiveness.

Weltjamboree 19871987: Australia, New South Wales

At the turn of the year 1987/88 Australia invited 16th Jamboree - and this invitation was followed by 16,000 young people from more than 80 nations. The motto of the jamboree was "Bringing the World Together".
The opening ceremony, which was held at midnight on December 31,1987, was also the first official ceremony to mark the 200-year anniversary of the settlement of Australia.

Weltjamboree 19911991: South Korea, Mount Sorak National Park

"Many Lands, One World" was the theme of the 17th Jamborees, which brought together over 20,000 young people from more than 130 nations in beautiful Mount Sorak Park. The Jamboree started in bad weather with rain and flooding, which caused some problems. The Jambore area was only a few kilometres from the controversial border with North Korea and about 200 km, or 6 hours by car, from Seoul, the South Korean capital.

Weltjamboree 19951995: Holland, Flevoland

"Future is now" was the motto of the 18th Jamborees in Holland. 28,960 young people from 166 nations took part in this meeting.

Weltjamboree 19991999: Chile, Picarquin

At the turn of the year 1998/99 a jamboree took place in Latin America for the first time. 31,000 young people from 157 nations took part in the 19th Jamboree in Chile, which took place under the motto "Building Peace together".

Weltjamboree 20032003: Thailand, Sattahip

On the occasion of the 20th Jamboree, more than 30,000 scouts from over 150 nations met in Thailand under the motto "Share our World, share our cultures".
In Sattahip (Chonburi province), located directly on the coast, 150 km south of Bangkok, there were also XXX scouts from Switzerland.

Weltjamboree 20072007: England, Essex

"One World, One Promise" was the motto of the 21st Jamborees, which was held in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the scout movement.
More than 40,000 scouts from 158 nations were present in England - xxx of them came from Switzerland.

Weltjamboree 20112011: Sweden, Rinkaby

Under the motto "Simply Scouting", the 22nd World Scout Jamboree took place from 27 July to 7 August 2011 in Rinkaby (near Kristianstad) with 40,000 scouts from more than 160 countries around the world. The Swiss contingent consisted of XXX participants.

Weltjamboree 20152015: Japan, Kirara-hama

The 23rd World Scout Jamboree took place in Japan from 28 July to 8 August 2015. More than 30,000 scouts from all over the world were expected. Under the motto "Wa - a spirit of unity" the young people could live together for ten days, get to know each other, master tasks together and experience adventures.

Picture credits: www.scoutbase.org.uk