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Greetings from Welt-Jamboree 1951, Bad Ischl, Austria

On the occasion of the 7th World Jamboree, 12,844 scouts met in Bad Ischl from 3 to 13 August 1951, in the Salzkammergut in Austria.

Welt-Jamboree 1951, Bad Ischl, Österreich"My dear ones. I had a very nice trip... We eat very well. I really enjoy it here. It's very hot. This afternoon we went through the camp..."

The Swiss delegation was strongly represented with 1,100 participants. The postcard was printed and used by the Valangin troop, a group from French-speaking Switzerland. Valangin is a place name in the canton of Neuchâtel. Until today, this map remains unknown to us. It was written by a camp participant and sent to family members in Sonceboz, "Jura Bernois", in Switzerland. For the postage, the special stamp of the Jamborees was used for 1 schilling and stamped with the special stamp of the Jamborees on the first day of the stamp and the first day of storage, 3 August 1951. With this stamp the card is franked postage paid. The special stamp was also used for many of the cards used in Austria, but they were overfranked. Postage for postcards was 0.30 p. a. inland, 0.75 p. a. after Czechoslovakia and Hungary and 1 p. a. after the rest of the world.