Invitation to the 12th EuroScout Collectors‘ Meeting 2018 in Évora (P)

 There are only a few days to go until the next EuroScout, the twelfth of its kind.

EuroScout 2018

It is an unparalleled success story, initiated in 1996 by the "Pfadfinder" consortium in Germany, then in Grafing near Munich, these international exhibitions took place every two years - very successfully in Austria, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Spain, England, Switzerland and Denmark - twice each time in Austria (1998 and 2016) and Germany (1994 and 2012), this time in Portugal.

A success story because these events bring together friends from all over the world, even from overseas. Friends and not opponents, because this exhibition without any special rules and regulations, only dedicated to the theme of "scouts", is not a competition exhibition, but a kind of "family reunion" - as it should be with scouts!

As everywhere else, however, there is an exception, within EuroScout there is already a small competition in which the winner of the "Walter-Grob-Prize" is determined. A "one-frame competition", designed to animate new exhibitors and endowed with prize money of 500 Swiss francs.

We call on all our members not to shy away from the journey to Portugal and to participate, either as exhibitors or only as participants - no one would regret it, it is an absolute enrichment for the collector and also as a person. A successful contribution to international understanding, peace and tolerance!

a) Date: 4,5 and 6 May 2018

b) Venue Évora (Portugal)

c) Place of Philatelic Exhibition and most activities: Arena de Évora (Avenida General Humberto)

Arena de Évora

More Information: http://www.cpcoe.org/evora2018/