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ISFG anniversary in Geneva 2014

On 25 October 2014, ISGF (the international association of former scouts and scouts) celebrated its 60th anniversary since its foundation.

This association was founded in Switzerland at that time, which is why people wanted to celebrate in Switzerland. Marc Barblan has organized a meeting in Geneva. But there were other places where you could meet for a party and Skype was connected to each other. From some places, alumni have come to celebrate together. Unfortunately, there were only very few people from Switzerland, which I found a pity, as such an occasion always gives the opportunity to make contacts with people from other countries.

The president of ISGF, Mida Rodrigues from Portugal, gave a review of the past years, supported by Beamer and Marsouin. It was exciting and was followed with interest. After the official part it went over to a cosy aperitif, and of course the birthday cake should not be missing. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the remaining two days because I was already registered at another event. Certainly the visit of the Cern was also very impressive.

List of sources:
Marianne Walter v/o Plisch (from Bulletin No. 2/2013 of the Verein Zentralarchiv + Museum der PBS)

Sonderumschlag & Ansichtskarte - ISGF-Jubiläum in Genf 2014 Ansichtskarte - ISGF-Jubiläum in Genf 2014

For the anniversary, a web stamp, a special cover (left side) and a postcard (picture page up, text page with web stamp left) were issued.

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