This sign stands for "Homecoming" not only at the game but also for people who have returned home to their Creator after the "Great Game of Life" as the founder of the Scout Movement, Lord Robert Baden Powell, called it.

Europa Cept Briefmarke - Fürstentum LiechtensteinTalking about death is difficult. Actually, we don't want to be reminded of it, but the preparation is meaningful after all. It also raises the question of what spiritual and material values we are leaving behind for the next generation?

One possibility is to give your relatives and friends something special, a personal object, such as a piece of furniture with which there is a relationship.

If you include in your estate an organisation that was close to you in life or whose goals you support, you can set an example. The Swiss. The Swiss Scout Philatelic Society (SPPhV) uses such bequests and legacies in the interest of youth, as you wish, perhaps in memory of your own happy scouting and collecting days.
We will be pleased to inform you confidentially about the possibilities of a bequest in favour of the Swiss Scout Philatelic Association. Scout Philatelic Society (SPPhV).

Please contact our President Martin Bosle directly, Mail president@pfadfinder-briefmarken.ch

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