Medal for the inauguration of the home of the Jura Scout Section in Lenzburg

The pictured medal for the inauguration of the home of the Jura Scout Department in Lenzburg on 4 and 5 June 1983 was recently auctioned on the Internet.

The proceeds were CHF 21.00. The medal is very rare and has practically never been offered before. Its diameter of 70mm is correspondingly large. It was cast by hand. The edition is unknown. The following information about the Scout Home can also be found on the Internet.

The idea to build a scout home was born in 1978. The town of Lenzburg made a piece of land on the Bollberg available, but in the search for a suitable building they found one in Seedorf in the canton of Uri. An old building shack was bought for 5'000 Swiss francs and served as the core of the new scouts' home. With a massive foundation, a roof truss, a second barrack and a beautiful wooden façade, a stately house was built on the Bollberg between 1979 and 1983 in over 25,000 hours of hard labour. The Lenzburg Girls' Scouts Lentia had its own scout home in the castle cave until 1992, when it merged with the Jura Boys' Scouts to form the mixed Gofers Lenzburg section. Since then, the scout section has shared both homes.

The home is available to scout and other groups and offers 45 sleeping places, a recreation room, 3 group rooms and the corresponding infrastructure.