Motif "Boy Scouts"

Who doesn't know them, the wolves, scouts, girl scouts or the Rover? Perhaps you are also an active or former member of this largest youth movement in the world.

The Boy Scout was founded in 1907 by the Englishman Lord Baden Powell. Faithful to the motto "ALL-TIME READY", more than 23 million pathfinders are active in more than 150 countries worldwide.

In view of this fact, it is not surprising that scouts also leave their mark on philately. The first scout stamp is the emergency edition from the Boer War of 1900: the 1 penny with the cyclist Sergeant-Major Goodyear (model of the scout) and the 3 pennies with the portrait of the founder, General Baden-Powell, in Mafeking. Further followed in Siam (today Thailand), Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania.

The many activities of the scouts (stores, conferences, home foundations, etc.) are also attested by countless special postmarks, machine-stamps or red postage stamps. Up to and including 1939 there were 65 Scout stamps, 10 postal stationary and 87 special postmarks. Today there are more than 1,900 stamps and blocks alone. Thus appeared in 1981 - 83 for the 75th anniversary of the 75th anniversary in over 110 countries or territories against 400 path marks!

The first official Swiss Scout special postmark was used at the 1st Swiss Federal Camp in Bern in 1925 (with its own R-label).

Brief Bundeslager 1925

1. Switzerland. Scout camp Bern 1925, on transfer of camp management

Who wouldn't it be irritating to build a collection of motifs from such a wealth of material? Today, however, it is extremely difficult to compile a "complete collection", as records from the early days of the scout movement are becoming increasingly rare and therefore expensive. However, it should not be difficult to build up an attractive thematic collection, which is "only" limited to one sub-area. Some examples are given below:

  • Pfadi - Collection from a specific country
  • Illustration red franking stamps from France
  • The founder of the Baden-Powell Scout Movement or
  • The Girl Scouts - Guide Lady Baden-Powell
  • The different levels of the scouts (wolves, scouts, scouts, female scouts, rovers, sea-scouts, guides, etc.).
  • The development of the scout movement
  • The basics of scout movement
  • the promise, greetings, uniform, etc.)
  • Pathfinder activities
  • natural history, games and sports etc.))
  • Pathfinder meetings (world camp, national or regional camps, international conferences, rover-moot etc.)
  • Pathfinder Airmail
  • Padfinder jubilees (10,20,25,50,60,75 and 100 years)

Sonderstempel aus Oesterreich

7th World Jamboree from 3-10.08.1951, 45 Years of Scouts in Austria 1956,
1st International Scout Ski Competition - "Baden Powell Memorial Run"

In order to put together such a collection of motifs, there is a large selection of stamps and stamps available and you can choose the ones you like. It is therefore possible to dispense with the dubious or speculative expenses (excess blocks, unnecessary cut "goods" or expensive test prints, etc.). It is much more worthwhile to look for a real older letterhead instead of this junk.

Now the question remains, how and where do you find these postal scout documents? There are also various possibilities for young collectors. Most brands are available through exchange or from the dealer for relatively little money. It becomes more difficult with the stamps. The most important thing here is: search, search and search again, with older boy scout friends and perhaps also with relatives. From most camps cards were written to relatives, acquaintances or home.

In different countries there are also Scout postage stamps - collecting societies (e. g. USA, England, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland etc.). Switzerland has Switzerland. Scout Philatelic Veries (SPPhV) he can certainly help you with this.

Text: Hermann Anliker