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Numbers for the 2022 national camp

Goms will become a tent city from 23 July to 6 August 2022. The 30,000 BuLa participants will experience a varied camp programme and explore the Goms. Over 5,000 volunteers will be on duty. That is almost 10,000 more than at the last edition. 300 young people travel from abroad.

The camp management has a budget of 25 million Swiss francs. Fifty per cent of this comes from camp fees, 25 per cent from on-site sales and merchandising. The remaining 25 per cent is generated through sponsoring and donations. The main partners of the BuLa are Migros Valais, Swiss Post and Mobiliar.

Achtung PfadilagerThe scouts pitch their tents between Geschinen and Obergesteln. The campsite covers 120 hectares. That's 170 football fields.

Visitors are allowed on ten days during the two-week camp. The camp management expects around 28,000 family members and scout friends to travel to Goms.

The scouts' favourite meal: penne with tomato sauce. This meal requires four tonnes of penne, 1.25 tonnes of grated cheese and 5,000 litres of tomato sauce.

700 toilets and 130 showers will be installed on the campsite. The water is primarily drawn from Ulrichen. Of course, the water supply for the residents has top priority. If water is scarce, the showers on the camp site will be turned off first. The waste water is discharged via the public sewage system to the Goms waste water treatment plant. Particularly large wastewater producers such as showers are equipped with "buffers" of approx. 300m3 each in order to smooth out peaks in wastewater volumes and relieve the sewage treatment plant.

Stoffabzeichen Bundeslager 2022The Scouts provide 40 trained firefighters from their own ranks. The army is present with 120 people. 40 agents of the cantonal police are on duty around the federal camp. The camp management has hired two ambulances from the cantonal Valais rescue organisation. Ambulance services from other cantons and the army are also available in case of emergency.