Pfadi EXPO / Exhibition

The Pfadi EXPO/exhibition during the 2022 national camp traces the development of the movement. Using treasures from scout archives, pictures, badges, stamps and postcards on the subject of scouting as well as the past nine national camps from 1925 to 2022, it documents over a hundred years of history.

The Pfadi EXPO/exhibition sees itself as a place of debate for all active Scouts and alumni; as an informative "rummage box" for those who have always wondered about Scouting; and as an inspiration for those who want to become Scouts themselves. Flyer for the Scout/Guide EXPO/Exhibition

International Scout Stamp Exhibition at the National Camp

Anyone who has devoted himself or herself to this collector's field of "Scouts & Stamps" can hardly avoid getting to grips with the worldwide Scout movement and its founder.

The only time she or he does not need it is when she or he was once a scout herself/himself and wants to put together a philatelic documentation of her/his scouting days in the collection.

The Pfadi EXPO/exhibition in Ulrichen (VS) shows scout stamp collections from Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Austria and Switzerland.

Nine national Scout camps have been held since 1925, and the number of participants, activities and programmes reflect the development of the two associations.

In 1980, a federal camp was held together with the Girl Scouts for the first time.

For the Pfadi EXPO/exhibition during the Federal Camp 2022 in Gommertal, we will create a multilingual exhibition catalogue. If we take advantage of the opportunity offered by such a joint project, then the 2022 national camp will also successfully follow in the footsteps of its predecessors.

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