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Scout &Guide vignettes of Switzerland

Since the Rampacher catalogue in 1951 and the Pén catalogue in 1981, no new catalogue for Swiss vignettes has been published. For new collectors this is regrettable. Even the advanced collector needs an up-to-date catalogue.

This ABC catalogue was created according to the design of the Pén model. Some of the data is taken from the Pén catalogue, this printing company no longer exists. Unfortunately, I was not able to contact representatives of the Pén printing company, even some Swiss authorities could not help me. A big thank you goes at least to the Pén printing house at that time.

In Part A, the vignettes are grouped by year and further by place/region and by description. For vignettes without dates, Part A contains five search options based on the shape of these vignettes. Due to the large number of postal stationery items offered on the internet, it was quite possible to classify vignettes without dates in a certain amount of chronological order.

In Part B, in addition to the familiar themes from the Pén catalogue, such as Swiss Week and World Wildlife Fund, new themes were added, such as hotels and tourism. Animal welfare societies are included under "Flora and Fauna", this theme also includes environmental protection.

In Part C, very extensive collecting areas such as corporate advertising, heraldry and chocolate have been added.

Part D contains objects that are not really considered vignettes but are often collected by vignette collectors: Stamp carriers, cheese labels, luggage labels, postal and airmail endorsement labels and collectors' pictures.

Compared to the past, there are more vignettes, more themes and more images. In addition, vignettes from the period after 1980 are included, the images "without year" are more clearly grouped and it is possible to search by subject.

A digital catalogue belongs to these modern times, additions and improvements can be implemented quickly and easily. For former users it can be difficult if the catalogue numbers have changed from previous versions due to the frequent changes. An alternative solution for this user group is to check their data regularly, for example at the beginning of the year.

Above all, I would like to share my knowledge with you and give more publicity and existence to the collections sector. It is also an opportunity to expand contacts and further develop your and my mutual collections.

It was a challenge to establish a clear number sequence for about 33,000 vignettes and 42 themes, which also left room for the insertion of vignettes.

I provide the data as a private person without any commercial interest and must therefore exclude any liability for possible errors or defects, however named. For you as a user, this catalogue is free of charge, but the user indemnifies the author for any liability.
If the data and/or images from this website are used by third parties, it will be appreciated if the author of the underlying catalogue is notified. Explicit permission is required for commercial use.

Dear fellow collectors, I hope that this catalogue will be a useful tool for you.

Amsterdam, 8 March 2023
Ruud Dulmus