Swiss Scout Museum

The future needs a past...

The Swiss Scout Museum has set itself the task of documenting the history of the Swiss Scouts and Guides as comprehensively as possible and presenting it to visitors.

...so that the past is not forgotten

Everything that was created by these organisations or that brings the history of the movement closer to our visitors is included in our collection. The main focus of the collection is on objects from the Scouts, Switzerland (also about national camps), from exhibits of the founder of the Scout movement Lord Baden-Powell and from World Scout Meetings (Jamborees, Moots etc.). The collection is supplemented by selected objects from the environment of other youth organisations, as well as many national exhibits from countries where there are Scouts.

All staff work on a voluntary basis.

All financial resources for the running of the museum and archive are raised by the Swiss Scout Museum. Sponsors and donations are welcome, as are helping hands!
Museum ambassadors wanted!
We intend to pass on our passion for collecting, archiving and the interest in (group) Scout history and have therefore created the Museum Ambassador.

Together with you, this mission should now be brought to life!
Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to send you further information.