Pfadi Museum in Kandersteg

At the community meeting in November 2018, it was decided to purchase the former army pharmacy. Already at that time, it was assumed that it would be used for museums. Now it is also clear for which one. Jakob Schuler from Braunwald is a fan of cable car technology: "It all started with a wooden ski lift bracket from Braunwald. I conquered it as a child and from then on I was a huge ski lift fan," he tells the newspaper "Südostschweiz". In the meantime, he has a large collection of materials that he would like to exhibit in a museum. Unfortunately, the Sportbahnen Braunwald in the canton of Glarus is not interested enough to provide him with premises.

The old army pharmacy in Kandersteg will soon house three museums. On the one hand, the local history museum and the scout museum of the local history association will move in, and now there will also be a cable car museum.

This is where the municipality of Kandersteg comes into play. After the purchase of the Armasuisse site at the entrance to the village, which was approved at the municipal assembly in November 2017, it was already clear that the premises of the former army pharmacy would be used for museums. The Kandersteg local history association expressed interest shortly afterwards and received approval for both the local history museum and the scout museum. And Jakob Schuler, together with two friends, has also received the go-ahead for his cable car museum, as the municipality explains when asked. However, it is not clear when the three museums will open.