15th World Scout Moot 2017 in Iceland

From 25 July to 2 August 2017 the 15th World Scout Moot took place in Iceland.

A World Scout Moot is an international camp for rangers and rovers. Internationally, all scouts between the ages of 18 and 26 are considered RaRo. The word moot comes from the ancient English language and means assembly. The World Scout Moot takes place every four years. The venue is determined by the World Scout Association WOSM.

5000 participants from more than 80 countries took part besides 1000 IST (International Service Team) members, the helpers. Switzerland's scouts and scouts also took part in the World Scout Moot with a delegation called contingent.

World Scout Moot 2017
Logo of the Swiss Moot ContingentWorld Moot Shop (with mailbox in the foreground)

That was already fixed in 2011. Since then, the Icelandic scouts have been preparing tirelessly for the camp. Change" was chosen as the theme of this World Scout Moots. This is not only to express that all participants develop and change personally through the experiences on such a moot, but also that each of us, no matter if big or small, can change the world.

World Scout Moot 2017

Front: Coloured postcard of the Swiss Moot delegation

But Iceland is also constantly changing as a country - volcanoes, glaciers, earthquakes and hot springs are constantly changing this unique landscape. 330,000 people live on the island south of the Arctic Circle. Together with 460,000 sheep and four million puffins. The oldest parliament was founded on this miraculous island. It takes five hours to fly to New York and three hours to London. Iceland is also the number one country when it comes to equality.

In order to prepare for participation in the 15th World Scout Moot in Iceland, the Swiss delegation of 328 participants set off on a five-day round trip around the entire island. The tour not only gave the scouts an insight into the famous places and sights of Iceland, but also prepared the participants for the nature and the climatic conditions that would be waiting for them during the moor.

World Scout Moot 2017

Back: Postcard of the Swiss delegation, with additional text on the moot
in English language. Signatures of the two Heads of Delegation

Registered letter with red additional postmark of the Swiss delegation,
Posting date from 25.07.2017 in Reykjavik

Private special stamps

The designer Michael Feigenbaum (New York) produced 6 stamp motifs for the 15th Rover Moot 207 in a print run of 240 stamps. They were exhibited and sold in the World Moot Shop. Each of these stamps was destined for international mailing and cost about 350 Icelandic kroner, which was about $3.50.

Set of 6 different postcards

Unfortunately, the World Moot did not have its own stock post offices or license to stamp stamps. In the World Moot Shop there was a postbox, the letters and postcards were sent to the nearest post office in Selfoss. In the World Moot Shop it was possible to print an additional stamp in orange on the outgoing mail.

On the second day of storage, the private special issue stamps were already sold out.

Greetings from the World Moot Jamboree
Gisela (the cow in front of the Swiss Food House) 
The Swiss delegation stamp was
in the warehouse with the other camp participants
from other countries.


TextMartin Bosle
TranslationSimone Groell
PicturesManuel Hälg