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9th EuroScout 2012 - Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

 Titel EuroScout 2012

From 28 to 30 September 2012, the 9th EuroScout 2012 took place in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany) under the motto - "Stamps as witnesses of history. International Scout stamp exhibition in the Wildbad Rothenburg".

On the last weekend in September 2012, the Tauber (Web: http://www.wildbad-rbg.de) was opened in the Wildbad Rothenburg ob der Tauber conference centre. More than 150 women and men from over 15 European countries and the USA met here. Their common interests: philately, scouting and history. Werner Kradolfer, Alfred Scherb, Hermann Anliker, Martin Bosle and Max Grob took part in the event.

Sonderstempel Euroscout 2012Stoffabzeichen EuroScout 2012


The meeting was organized by the Working Group of Scouts. (ArGe Pfadfinder), to which about 160 members from 18 countries belong in Germany. More than 1600 scout philatelists are registered worldwide. The ArGe is a member of the Bund Deutscher Philatelisten (BDPh) and prepared the ninth international Scout stamp exhibition called "EuroScout 2012" in the Wildbad Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

The "EuroScout 2012" has been advertised by IFSCO, the international umbrella organisation of scout philatelists. Top-class exhibits from all over the world were shown. Among them were rarities such as the legendary potato stamp from the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, when the scouts entertained an emergency mail and sent letters from place to place, or a letter from the accident trip of the Zeppelin LZ 129 Hindenburg. These and many other exhibits are not only particularly precious and valuable for scout philatelists and of great value, but also of great general interest as witnesses of history.

Eigens für den Anlass des Treffens wurde eine Bildpostkarte (Auflage 300 Stück) entworfen.

A picture postcard (edition 300 pieces) was designed especially for the occasion of the meeting. Special stamp EuroScout 2012: design by Gottfried Steinmann

The programme promised a lot of things

A large exhibition of stamps and postmarks on the theme of "Scouts in the DP-Camps" and a competition' Walter Grob Prize', held for the first time in honour of Walter Grob-Sigrist, one of the great pioneers of scout philately. Collector Nielsen Leif from Denmark won the competition, coincidentally hosting the next EuroScout in 2014.

Eingeschriebene Sendung Ausland, offizielle Sonderpostkarte (Auflage 400 Stück), entwertet mit dem Sonderstempel des EuroScout. Für Einschreibepostkarten nach dem Ausland wurden

Eingeschriebene Sendung Ausland, offizielle Sonderpostkarte (Auflage 400 Stück), entwertet mit dem Sonderstempel des EuroScout. Für Einschreibepostkarten nach dem Ausland wurden

Registered mail abroad, official special postcard (edition 400 pieces), cancelled with the special postmark of EuroScout.
For registered postcards sent abroad, 2 R-labels (Deutsche Post & Swiss Post) were used.

DP-Camps and the Exile Pathfinders in Germany

At the "Euroscout 2012", an interesting lecture by Gottfried Steinmann from Marktsteft, who brought the international meeting of scout philatelists to Rothenburg, also dealt with the topic of "DP camps and the exile pathfinders in Germany". The lecture was open to the public on Saturday, 29.09.2012 at 15:00 pm in the Theatersaal Wildbad and was filled to the last seat.

Impressionen vom EuroScout 2012

Offizielle Ersttagsbriefe (Auflage 250 Stück), mit Inlandporto 0,55 Euro entwertet mit dem Sonderstempel des EuroScout.

Official first day letters (250 copies), with domestic postage 0,55 Euro cancelled with the special postmark of EuroScout.

Stamp show and excursions

The stamp show at the Wildbad conference venue was also open to the public (Friday/Saturday: 10:00-18:00 hrs; Sunday: 10:00-15:00 hrs). In addition, the scout philatelists have organized a program with devotions and ecumenical worship, a guided tour of Rothenburg and a bus ride to Würzburg. Numerous collectors have offered their doubles and it was a busy action in the hotel corridors to see until late at night.

Souvenirs, one-frame competition

Meetings and stamp exhibitions are the highlights of Scout Philately,"said Gottfried Steinmann in his speech. He has also designed a special 55 cent stamp for this year's EuroScout 2012, which was used as a postal stationery impression. From 28 to 30 September, 250 first day letters, special postcards (limited edition 400 pieces) and picture postcards (300 pieces) with a value of 1.50 Euro were available for purchase. Of course, there was also a matching special postmark of the German Federal Post Office for EuroScout 2012. Another new addition to the Eurocout 2012 programme was a one-frame competition. Twenty-one exhibitors took part in this event and presented their findings on the basis of philatelic pathfinding goals or events. The best exhibit was awarded with the "Walter-Grob-s". The 1st prize went to Denmark

EuroScout 1996 - 2012

The first EuroScout took place in 1996 in Grafing near Munich. Since then, the stamp exhibition has been held every two years in another country. This was followed by Graz, Austria (1998), Comacchio Italy (2000), Gent, Belgium (2002), Prague, Czech Republic (2004), Alcala de Henares, Spain (2006), Benken SG, Switzerland (2008). Chelmsford, England hosted it two years ago (2010).

Impressionen vom EuroScout 2012

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