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Philately - your hobby

Many boys and girls show you with their collections what you can do and represent with stamps.

Hello young collector!

The following text wants to help you to be able to perform this service. Read the text carefully!

How to become a stamp collector?

Europa Cept Briefmarke - DeutschlandMany ways to collect stamps. Maybe a collector from the family will arouse your interest, maybe a classmate will draw your attention to this hobby or you will feel attracted to the brands by the displays of a dealer. Self-study can be dangerous. Stamps are delicate objects. How easily they are irretrievably destroyed by improper treatment. The collectors' associations, as well as Switzerland. Scout Philatelic Society (SPPhV), help you to avoid such losses. In courses they show the basic skills of collecting, such as storing, removing, organizing and opening. What joy you will feel when you have a good album page! If you seriously deal with brands, you will go through different stages: In the basic rating, you demonstrate to a neutral jury on a few leaves that you have learned the craft. Once this first hurdle has been cleared, you are free to participate in exhibitions. With the required number of points, it goes from an exhibition in stage 3 to a Regiophil. After the further development of your collection you can participate in national or even international competitions. However, this requires that you keep working on your brands. Only everlasting work leads to awards.

How do you like your youth course?

In autumn and winter many sections offer introductory courses in stamp collecting. They are open to boys and girls from the age of 10. The information of the exhibition will give you the next youth course or the nearest section. You don't know what to do. Here is the helping address:

Schweiz. Pfadfinder-Philatelistenverein (SPPhV)
c/o Mrs. Simone Groell
Heuwinkelstrasse 22
4123 Allschwil

Register now! I wish you many enjoyable hours with your stamps.

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